Call for Papers: Prof. H. N. Tripathi Foundation National Symposium on“The Changing Dimensions of Right to Health:”

Call for Papers: Prof. H. N. Tripathi Foundation National Symposium on“The Changing Dimensions of Right to Health:” in association with Chambers of A.D.N. Rao, Supreme Court of India, Chambers of K.C. Mittal, High Court, New Delhi Knowledge Partner Eastern Book  company, Lucknow  on 08th September 2019 at K.N. Udupa Auditorium, IMS, BHU, Varanasi.

Venue:K.N. Uduppa Auditorium, I.M.S. Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.), Varanasi

 Date:08 SEPTEMBER 2019


  • Role of Government in the public health sector
  • The revival of rural infrastructure and development
  • Nutrition and early child development
  • Generic medicine and role of pharmaceutical industries and their commercial ventures
  • Rural integrated development programs
  • Community medicine services in India
  • Role of NREGA and MNREGA
  • Ground water recharging- causing a lack of drinking water
  • Over use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Role of technology and its impact on health
  • Over Concretization of cities
  • Role of Medical Council of India vis a vis W.H.O
  • Right to health and human rights
  • Role of media and in curbing health related issues
  • Role of PILs and Indian judiciary
  • E- commerce and e- health
  • Health care and economic policies in India
  • Business for public health – a reciprocal partnership
  • Under investment in health and health care education
  • Lack of transparency and medical ethics
  • Rural agriculture health and safety – farmer’s right
  • Regulation of blood banks and blood products
  • Heath rights of mentally ill patients
  • Policy regarding euthanasia
  • Impact and cost-effectiveness of vaccination programmes
  • Status of public hospitals in India
  • Qualitative research in medical science
  • Combating pharmaceuticals industries with traditional knowledge
  • Promoting Ayurveda and traditional knowledge
  • Ayurvedic medicine and forestation of medicinal plants
  • Role of panchayats in augmenting ayurvedic medicines
  • Promoting cattle farming and soil fertility
  • Impact of climate change and disasters on health

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts not exceeding 300 words on any of the aforesaid themes should be sent to the Organizing Secretary through email at  on or before 1 September 2019

  • Intimation of Acceptance of Abstract within 3- 4 working day of submission (if accepted).
  • All Papers and Abstracts shall be sent via e-mail to as an attachment, the subject of which should mention ‘ABSTRACT SUBMISSION’ or ‘PAPER SUBMISSION’ accordingly.
  • Co-authorship is allowed, only for two authors per paper is allowed.
  • Both the Abstracts and Final Papers should mandatorily have Cover Page which clearly indicates the following-

* Name of the author(s)

* Designation of the author(s)

* Contact details of the author(s)

* Email Id(s) of the author(s)

Paper Guidelines

  • Full-length research paper, maximum in 6 pages should be submitted latest by 03 September 2019 through email at
  • The participants are expected to avoid plagiarism as far as possible and submit original papers only. Thus, any previously published material shall not be accepted.
  • All Papers should be submitted in

* Font Type: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 pts

* Line spacing: 1.5 spacing

Alignment: Justified

* Bluebook (19th Ed.) Citation Format

Important Dates

Submission of Abstract not more than 200-300 words 1st September 2019
Last date of intimation of acceptance of abstracts 2nd September 2019
Submission of Full Paper  3rd  September 2019
Last date of Registration 5th September 2019


For further information and Latest Updates, Write to us at or contact

  • Adv. Rahul Mishra +91-9425844411
  • Adv. Ayush Tripathi   +91-8765214051
  • Adv. Dheeraj Kumar Tiwari     +91-7579006367


For details, view the brochure given CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE

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