News: NASA’s Astronaut hacked former banker’s bank account from space station;

News: NASA’s Astronaut hacked former banker’s bank account from space station;

Washington. The US Space Agency NASA has launched an investigation into the first crime in space. The case is related to the transaction by hacking a bank account from the International Space Station (ISS). NASA’s top most astronaut Anne McClain is accused in this. In fact, McClain was married to Samar Vardan, a former Air Force intelligence officer in 2014. They divorced four years later in 2018. Thereafter, Anne was selected for NASA’s 6-month mission on 3 December 2018 and in January she left for the ISS.

McClain returns to Earth on 24 June 2019. During this 6 months, he accessed Vorden’s bank account from space itself. In March, it was reported to Warden. Warden filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about the case. Investigation revealed that the bank account was hacked from NASA’s computer. The bank also provided evidence to the attorneys.

Annexing the account in March, during which Anne became more famous

  • NASA did not take any immediate action on the complaint in March, meanwhile, the two women selected for the spacewalk included Anne’s name. This earned him more fame. However, the spacewalk was later canceled by the agency over allegations of a space shoot and sexism.
  • According to media reports, the matter was related to space. Therefore, the Federal Trade Commission and the police could not do anything in it. For this reason, the matter was referred to NASA. NASA conducted an internal investigation into the case with the Office of Inspector General and the criminal case is now being looked after by a team of expertise. Space agency NASA praised McClain’s work as a passenger, but did not comment on Anne’s personal matters. Lieutenant Colonel McClain has made a career in the Airforce. She has been a part of combat missions in Iraq.

The financial activities of the two were combined: Lawyers

Lawyer Rusty Hardin, appearing for McClain, said in a statement that family matters are extremely difficult. These are highly personal matters for all parties involved. Neither Anne nor we would comment on this personal matter. We appreciate the media’s understanding and respect, as it has taken full care of privacy. The interest of the child and family members is primary in this. According to Hardin, the financial activities of the two were combined.

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