7th South Asian History Conference 2019 on  Trade, Trade Routes and Travels in South Asia (Commemorating 550th Birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ) From 22- 24 November, 2019: 

7th South Asian History Conference 2019 on  Trade, Trade Routes and Travels in South Asia (Commemorating 550th Birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ) From 22- 24 November, 2019: 


The economic and cultural history of most countries in South Asia is closely linked to the trade and trade routes since ancient times. In South Asia, the geography played the most important part in determining the promotion of trade and trade routes because of the variety of its physical features. The vast alluvial plains, dense forests, long stretch of deserts, deep rivers, mountain chains and rock plateaus have strongly influenced the pattern of societies and economies in the region and the nature of its political and administrative units. The travelogues and writings of Hun -Tsang, Fahian, Alberuni, Ali Hujwairi, Ibn Battuta and Al-Umari are of great significance in this regard. Without going through the pages of these travelers and writers of early medieval and medieval times, one cannot think of early medieval trade, trade routes and commerce. The formation of caravans, caravan serais, mode of transport, exchange of trade goods, system of trade practices, emergence of towns and cities on trade routes were important aspects of commerce and trade in those days.

Against this backdrop, the 7th South Asian History conference aims at studying the trade, trade routes and travels in South Asian region (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Mayanmar) to cover the history, politics, culture and economy in relation to their relevance and significance to the modern times. The Conference is being organized by the Department of History, Punjabi University, Patiala to commemorate the 550th the birth anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev from 22-24 November, 2019.

Sub Themes:

  1. Geographical, Political, Economic and Socio-Cultural conditions of South Asian Region.
  2. Towns, Cities and Markets in South Asia.
  3. Trade, Trade Routes and prominent travelers.
  4. Land and Water Routes.
  5. Silk Route and Cultural Exchange.
  6. Caravans and Caravan Sarais.
  7. Merchant, Merchant Classes and Guilds.
  8. Modes of Trade, Trade items and means of Exchange.
  9. Postal System, Communication, Customs and Rahdaris.
  10. European and South Asian Merchants.
  11. Flow of South Asian Goods and the Balance of Trade.
  12. Mobility, Security and Militarism on Trade Routes.
  13. Attitude of the Rulers towards Trade and Trade Routes.
  14. Impact of Trade and Commerce on the Politico-Economic Strengths.
  15. Philosophers, Sufis and Bhakti Saints and the Trade Centers.
  16. Guru Nanak Dev’s Travels, Teachings and Relevance.
  17. Guru Nanak Dev in the literature of South Asian countries.
  18. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and its Significance. 

Call for Abstracts: The soft copy of the abstract of the full paper with a maximum of 500 words, double spaced (in Times New Roman, font size 12) written in English should be sent for acceptance at sahcptaabstracts@gmail.com on or before 30 September, 2019. After scrutiny of the abstracts the authors will be notified regarding the acceptance of papers on 10 October, 2019.

Final Submission of Papers: The soft copy of the full paper, double spaced (in Times Roman on size 12), within 7000 to 10, 000 words written in English should be sent at sahcptapaper@gmail.com. The deadline for paper submission is 25 October, 2019.

Registration: All participants are required to register. The scholars are required to register before or on 10 November, 2019. The registration fees (which includes accommodation and food for three days) for Indian Scholars is Rs. 1250/-, for scholars of other countries is 50 USD. The registration fees for Indian research students are Rs. 1000/-, for research student of other countries is 30 USD.

Mode of Payment: The details regarding mode of payment will be conveyed shortly.

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