Centre For Corporate Legal Research And Training at School Of Law, Ansal University:

Centre For Corporate Legal Research And Training at School Of Law, Ansal University:

About School of Law, Ansal University:

School of Law – Ansal University is approved by the Bar Council of India and offers B.A. LL.B. (Hons) and B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons) at the undergraduate level and also one-year LL.M. at the postgraduate level. The School of Law was established at Ansal University in 2014 to impact quality legal education, intending to produce world-class professionals, scholars and academicians in law. The School implements the curriculum through the concept of clinical legal education where the students get an outbound experience of practical nuances of legal profession. The School has continually strived to achieve excellence in legal education through interactive teaching learning process, clinical opportunities, exposures to the legal profession. It encourages selected students to be academically sound in an enabling atmosphere conducive to their all-round development.

Activities and Objectives:

The Research Development program aspires to achieve its objective through multifold core areas of activity as follows:

  1. Research: to carry out research on policy, institutional, legal and regulatory issues;
  2. Training: to provide training to executives of companies and academicians;
  3. Courses: to develop and conduct Online Courses for companies/Executive Education Programmes;
  4. Journals: To publish journals for research papers written by students, academicians and professionals;
  5. Collaborations: to collaborate with other organizations/institutions/universities in academic and research matters;
  6. Conferences/ Panel discussions: to conduct panel discussions, roundtables, seminars and conferences;
  7. Special Sessions for students: to invite members of regulatory authorities, government officials, executives of companies, professionals and academicians for conducting special sessions for students.
  8. Online newsletter/ Journal on Corporate issues by students.

Yearly Implementation Plan:

The Centre shall organize annual lecture on emerging issues of Corporate Law with an objective to extend the research activities. The Centre undertakes various activities that facilitate the students to have a thorough understanding of corporate structure and its laws, through the medium of doctrinal and non-doctrinal research, guest lectures, debates, essay competitions, Seminars, workshops, symposiums & panel Discussion.

  • The Centre for Corporate Legal Research and Training (CCLRT) shall be inaugurated in February, 2019
  • Expert Lectures by Members Advisory Board
  • International Seminar on Gender Stereotyping in Occupational choices and its adverse impact on women.
  • International Conference on Trade and Investment Laws by UNCTAD.
  • Special Training/ workshop and Internship activities for students.

Conferences and Seminars:

  1. LL.M. in Corporate Law
  2. Corporate Governance and CSR
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions
  4. International Trade Law
  5. Market Regulation in India
  6. IP Law and Pharmacy
  7. Contract Drafting
  8. Information technology, Cyber World and IP Law
  9. Law Relating to Biodiversity and Biotechnology

Contact information:

Centre for Corporate Legal Research and Training (CCLRT)

School of Law, Ansal University, Sector 55, Gurugram. Haryana – 122003

E-mail: cclrt@ansaluniversity.edu.in

For more details: Click here

For more details regarding other conferences, internships, events and much more download the app.


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