France’s strong academic and artistic tradition continues to grow in the modern day as well. As the country is becoming one of the most popular destinations for international students, the major advantages of studying in France are high quality of education, low tuition fees and great French living style. This country is among a very few European countries which invest a lot in research and education. Every year, the French Embassy in India along with French Universities and companies award scholarships of over INR 7 crores to more than 500 meritorious young Indian students who wish to pursue their higher education in France. These scholarships help students pursue UG to PhD level studies in France.

We have listed the top scholarships (Govt/Private) for Indian students to study in France. Details like eligibility, awards, etc., about some of the most popular scholarships which Indian students can obtain are highlighted below.

French scholarships for Indian students – Why choose France for studying abroad?

France is one of the largest countries in Europe. It is bordered by six nations: Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg to the northeast, Switzerland and Italy to the southeast and Spain to the southwest.

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Given below are some good reasons that show the benefits of studying in France.

  • Post-secondary programs in France are subsidised. The French government subsidizes a large share of the actual cost of higher education (EUR 14,000 per student per year).
  • There are 3500 public and private institutions which makes up the quality French higher education system.
  • France ranks 6th in the world in terms of spending on research and development. 16 of 55 field medals have been awarded to French nationals. 41.1% of the doctoral candidates in France are international students.
  • According to UNESCO, France has become the most appealing country for international students.
  • France is home to many of the world’s top 100 most innovative companies than any other country in Europe. It is favourable to innovation and young entrepreneurs.
  • France is world’s 5th largest economy. Its gross domestic product ranks second in Europe, and the country is Europe’s second largest market.
  • It has more than 40,000 monuments and protected sites.
  • French is the second most widely used language after English.
  • France is home to 31 of the world’s 500 largest corporations

French scholarships for Indian students – Scholarships to Study in France

In the website of the Campus France, students can find information on several types of international scholarships (Government or Non-Government). They are advised to also check this link to find a funding aid.

We have listed some of the scholarships (Govt/Non-Govt/University specific) which international students can apply to fund their education in France.

  • French Ministry Scholarships
  • Charpak Scholarship
  • Erasmus+
  • Merit Scholarships – Eiffel Excellence Programme
  • Emile Boutmy Scholarship at Sciences Po University
  • Sciences Po Rene Seydoux Scholarship in France
  • Scholarships of Excellence for Master’s Degrees at Paris Dauphine University
  • Labex DigiCosme Master Awards for International Students at the University of Paris-Saclay
  • Stephen M. Kellen Undergraduate funding for International Students in France and Germany
  • PRESTIGE Postdoctoral Research International Fellowships
  • IARC WHO Senior Visiting Scientist Award
  • IESEG School of Management MSc Scholarships
  • Franco Indian Education Trust

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