2nd Legal Aid Awards 2019


-By Knowledge Steez

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About the Legal Aid Awards, 2019

With profound privilege, Knowledge Steez presents ‘the Legal aid Award, 2019’. The second time in India the Law colleges and Universities are going to be honoured by Knowledge Steez, for their commendable and exceptional contribution done for the society. The organiser will give recognition to the best 10 law schools/universities/colleges in the upcoming conference at Delhi.

How to apply

Kindly submit your entries to legalaidaward@gmail.com, the entries have to be sent off last one year i.e. 1, Jan, 2019 to 30 November , 2019, the entries have to be supported with documents like photographs of camps or clinics organized by Legal Aid centre, the copy of registered complaints and solution/s given or any other document which may be used in support of the event organized by University/Colleges.  The last date to submit information is 10 December 2019:-

  1. How many Legal Aid clinics organised: Inside & outside of the university/Colleges (05 marks for inside clinic and 10 marks for outside clinics per event).
  2. Legal Awareness camps organised(10 Marks per event)
  3. conference on Legal Aid or Human Rights Or Social Justice (20 For international and 10 for national conference )


1 Name of College/University/Institute Date Venue Name of Chair or Co-coordinator of the event Picture and Other details of the event


Award will Include

(1) Free seminar Pass to the coordinator/ Chair of the Legal Aid committee or center at 4th National Conference on Human Rights, Jan, 2020

(2) Memento and Certificate

(3) Opportunity to speak on behalf of your college/ university in the national seminar of knowledge Steez 2020.

Rules and Regulations

(1) Bar Council of India must recognize your University/college

(2) Any incomplete and error information will not be counted.

(3)  All rights related to award rest with knowledge Steez and no legal action can be instituted on knowledge steez and its partners.

(4) Its mandatory to attend the seminar in person to receive the award for this purpose college can send legal aid center coordinator or chair or any other person authorized by the college.

(5) Selected Colleges/university will be informed about the decision on or before 17 December 2019.

Knowledge steez with its team is strongly waiting for your participation to be recognized as a credible social activist in the field of Law.

brochure:  Proposal for Legal Aid Awards 2019

download data sheet :  legal aid awards 2


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