Call For Papers At AmicusX:

Call For Papers At AmicusX:

About AmicusX:

AmicusX is an online platform which brings to every man a composite platform of knowledge and information who is interested in gathering knowledge, researching or reading topics on law. This website is the result of the enthusiasm of a group of law students, lawyers and laymen, who have come together to decode and understand the language of the laws which govern our day to day lives. The website offers its visitors an opportunity to read about different legal aspects through its blogs and the offer does not end there. The special feature of chatting on our website, provides legal guidance and answer to any legal queries posed by any person.

Call for Blogs: being a forum, provides opportunities to every student to enhance their writing skills. Now, the website offers every student to submit their legal opinions on any topic of their choice, in the form of blogs. The blogs should be innovative, informative and should highlight the opinion of the author.

Participate in this writing spree with No Entry Fee. All the selected blogs will be published on this website.

All the selected blog writers will be given an Online Certificate of Participation and the top 2 blog writers will be offered a position of a regular contributor of this website.

Submissions would be on a rolling basis!

Themes: Any topic on law. Should be innovative and highlight your legal opinion.

  • Word Limit: 800-1200 words, exclusive of footnotes.
  • Formatting: Font Style: Garamond Heading: 14,
  • Bold Sub-heading: 12,
  • Bold Body Text: 12.
  • Foot Notes: 10 Citation: Bluebook 19th Edition.


  1. Bibliography is compulsory.
  2. The content should be original and plagiarism should not be more than 25%.
  3. Multiple submissions will be appreciated and will enhance your chance to become the best blog writer.
  4. Co-authorship to a maximum of 2 authors.
  5. Submission should be made in .pdf and .docx.

Eligibility: Any student of any registered UG Course.


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