1st Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon Memorial Legal Conclave 2020.

1st Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon Memorial Legal Conclave 2020.

The National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata, with great pride, announces the 1st Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon Memorial Legal Conclave 2020.

The academic turned institution-builder is the founder Vice-Chancellor of NUJS, Kolkata, and has been instrumental in making NUJS one of the most reputed law schools in the country. He has built all these esteemed institutions from scratch and set the benchmark for first-class legal education.

In light of his recent demise, we, at NUJS, wish to commemorate his contribution to the legal fraternity and his legacy. For the same, we will be organizing the first Prof. NR Madhava Menon Memorial Legal Conclave 2020. The Conclave shall be held on 1-2nd February 2020.

This Conclave shall be a pan-India event and act as a free forum for the exchange of ideas on contemporary legal issues. The focal theme of the inaugural edition of this Conclave is “Grounding Constitutionalism in Legal Education: Emerging Issues and Challenges”, with sub-themes like-:

  1. Legal Pluralism and the Constitution.
  2. Constitution, Liberty, and Criminal Law.
  3. Fiscal Policy, Taxation and the Indian Constitution.
  4. Right to Development and the Constitution.
  5. Devolution of Powers, Federalism, and the Constitution.
  6. Citizenship, National Security, and the Constitution.
  7. Privacy and the Constitution.
  8. Personal Law: Criminalization and Decriminalization of certain acts.

Over the course of two days, we shall be organizing multiple seminars, conferences, paper presentations, debates and other events that shall be based on the aforementioned themes.

The organizers invite academics, researchers, legal practitioners and students to submit original, rigorous and in-depth pieces of scholarship. This paper is open to academicians, lawyers, law students (undergraduate/postgraduate) and everyone else interested in law and constitution in India and abroad.

Procedure for Submission:

  • All teams/ participants must send electronic copies of their paper in “.docx” (Microsoft Word) and “.pdf” formats by email to conclavesubmission@nujs.edu.
  • Please do not identify yourselves in any part of the text of the paper.
  • The “subject” of the submission email should mention: Name of authors-themes”.
  • Participants shall also clearly mention their names, phone numbers, addresses and name of their Institute/College/University.
  • The last date for submission is 20th December 2019 (midnight).

The registration fee worth 500 INR will have to be paid once paper is selected.

For more details: Click here

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