About Consumer Assisto

‘Consumer Assistio’ as the name suggest assisting the consumers in every possible approach. The ideology behind this project is to provide legal assistance to consumers and build content of all the legislations and case laws which shall be accessed by everyone and to create awareness midst general public.

The project aims to help people and also provide pro-bono services. With the help of this project we will try to reach out general public who need legal assistance and create awareness and reduce exploitation of consumers.

Type of Work:

We are looking for applications in various departments. Kindly go through the department and type of work attached with the department and the interested applicants can send their resume for the specific positions open in various departments:

  • Content creation: The student team will write short notes on numerous foci related to consumer laws and summary or case comment of consumer cases.
  • Research and Development: The student team will have to conduct extensive research and help in drafting of the petitions.
  • Media and Marketing Division: The student team will promote the project and conduct various awareness drives in different areas.
  • Public Relations Department: The student team will focus of Circulate the e-posters through email, mailing-list, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
    Utilize official website and social media to spread awareness amongst students.
    To promote the public good in relation to legal matters viewed in the broadest context.
  • Human Resource: To arrange and promote continuing legal education. To promote, conduct & cooperate in the promotion or conduct of activities of a professional, educational, cultural, and social nature amongst the law students.
  • Legal team / Litigation: File and appear before consumer forums and guide the clients for future action.

Duration: One year

Interested Students should send soft copies of:

  1. Latest CV
  2. A brief statement of purpose (not to exceed 500 words)

Procedure of Application:

Mail your Resume to with subject ‘Application for _______ (Mention the department you are applying for).


On successful completion of the tenure of one year, the team member will be entitled to a certificate of completion and a recommendation letter (to the selected team members).  The work is voluntary in nature and no remuneration will be provided for the same.

Other benefits include:

  • Attending events of Knowledge Steez/ Consumer Assisto and other events we are associated with
  • Training/ Assistance in Scholarships/ International Conferences
  • Opportunity to meet distinguished personalities of the field
  • Chance to appear in consumer forums
  • Free training on legal drafting

Contact for further details:

Shruti Gupta

Deadline for Applying: 26th November 2019



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