“2019 UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Day: International Conference on The role of UNICITRAL in Harmonization of Commercial Laws”

About the Conference:

In the regime of internationalization of law, the international organisations play very significant role in harmonization and unification of international legal framework. In the present scenario, the role of United Nations Commission On International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) has become noteworthy to contemplate and design the international legal framework for trade and commerce. This international conference entitled as, “the role of UNCITRAL in harmonization of commercial laws” strives to provide discussions on the present commercial legal environment prevailing in India, with its underlying issues and challenges; and the need for harmonization reforms through UNCITRAL legal and model texts.

The conference will provide in-depth knowledge on the practical aspects of domestic commercial laws highlighting the need to integrate it with a global harmonized legal order to establish rule of law facilitating economic development and promoting international peace and prosperity.

Call for Presentations

International Conference on ‘The Role of UNCITRAL in Harmonization of Commercial Laws’ Jointly organized by Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, India, UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (UNCITRAL RCAP) and Gujarat Maritime University, Gandhinagar, India on 12-13 December 2019.The conference aims to explore the role of UNCITRAL in harmonization of commercial Laws creating a forum for analysis and dialogue that will bring together academics, research scholars, UNCITRAL representatives, policy makers and civil society.

Through this Call for Presentations, GNLU–GMU UNCITRAL RCAP invites students, academicians, researchers and practitioners to submit presentation proposals for the conference that examine or critically explore India or Asian countries involvement with UNCITRAL legal and model texts. The presentations and ensuing discussions at the conference will bring innovative research evidence on debates and policy processes on different legal themes and will contribute to concrete policy recommendations and a better understanding on the need for harmonization of Indian or regional legal order in the area of commercial law.

Key themes of the Conference:

•    Role of UNCITRAL in harmonization of Commercial Law: Special Reference to India and Asia

•    UNCITRAL: ,International contract and Ecommerce,

•    UNCITRAL and International Sales Law

•    Insolvency  and Bankruptcy Laws and UNCITRAL

•    UNCITRAL and Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism

•    UNCITRAL and Maritime Law

•    Any contemporary/emerging issue relevant to main theme of the Conference

Submission Guidelines:

•    The interested contributors are required to  send their proposal for presentation in not more than 500 -550 words (excluding footnotes and title) mentioning the following points:

    Title of the presentation

    Object of the presentation

    Central research question  of the presentation

    Research Findings

•    After the selection of the proposal, the contributors are required to send their final presentation for 20 minutes(15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers) before the prescribed time limit .

•    Soft copy of all the proposals for presentation/presentation must be sent to reg.uncitral@gnlu.ac.in only.

Important Dates:

•    Submission of proposal for Presentation:20th November 2019

•    Intimation about selection of proposal for presentation/ poster presentation: 23rd November 2019

•    Submission of Registration Form (with or without paper/poster presentation): 30 November 2019

        Registration link: https://forms.gle/8LuXsr7HvLnaMgw5A

•    Submission of Paper/Poster Presentation: 5/12/2019


•    No Registration Fee

•    Moderate accommodation is available in the GNLU campus on payment basis (Subject to availability) for accommodation contact Jignesh Patel Mobile +918511188715.

Who can participate?

Students, academics, research scholars, practitioners and others having experience in the field of law.

International Conference on the Role of UNICITRAL in Harmonization of Commercial Laws

Organizing Committee

Chief Patron

Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar

Director , Gujarat National Law University and

Director, Gujarat Maritime Univesity

Authority Coordinator

From Gujarat Maritime University

Mr Mr. SharadSarangadharan

Executive Director and Registrar,

Gujarat Maritime University


Ms Athita Kominder

Head UNICITRAL Regional Centre for

Asian and the Pacific Republic of Korea

Conference Convener

Prof. (Dr.) Mamata Biswal,

Professor of  Law and ICSSR Senior Research Fellow,

Gujarat National Law University

Email:  mbiswal@gnlu.ac.in

Conference Co-Convener

Dr. Saira Gori

Assistant Professor of Law

Gujarat National Law University

Email: sgori@gnlu.ac.in

Conference Co-Convener

Ms Harsha Rajwanshi

Assistant Professor of Law

Gujarat National Law University

Email: hrajwanshi@gnlu.ac.in


Dr. Jagadeesh Chandra T.G.

Registrar (I/c) & Assistant Professor of Law

Gujarat National Law University

Organising Committee Members

Gujarat Maritime University

Dr. Shishir Upadhyaya

Mr. Waseem Ahmad Bhat, Assistant Professor of Law, Gujarat Maritime University

Mr Abhay Singh, Assistant Professor of Law, Gujarat Maritime University

Ms Ashima Sharma, Teaching and Research Associate, Gujarat Maritime University

Gujarat National Law University

Dr Richa Sharma, Assistant Professor, Gujarat National Law University

Mr Soham Bajpai, Assistant Professor of Law, Gujarat National Law University

MrLiladharPratapPatil, Administrative Assistant, Gujarat National Law University

Contact Us:

For any queries related to the conference, kindly email to uncitralgnlu@gnlu.ac.in

For brochure – Click here

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