Call for chapters : gender – based cyber violence


To discover the sheer iteration of such burgeoning criminal behavior in the cyberspace, especially the ones targeting women and children.

Such behavior is no longer limited to plain harassment but has rather manifested itself into pernicious forms like rape-threats, doctored imagery, disclosing addresses of women thus fomenting risks of real-life harassment, etc.

In an attempt to address these points of a discourse, the Indian Society for Legal Research (ISLR) invites original, unpublished chapters on the theme of ‘Gender-based Cyber Violence’ for an edited E-book with an ISBN number.


Following are the sub-themes, though not exhaustive: –

  • Feminism and Internet: A Critical Analysis
  • Role of feminism in fighting gender-based cyber violence
  • Revenge Pornography
  • Sexual violence through video games
  • Digital misogyny as hate speech: Exploring legal implications
  • Cyberstalking
  • Cyber-Sexism: Gender and Power on the Internet
  • The role of law in redressing the gender-based violence
  • The institutional response to gender-based violence: Insights from recent trends
  • Reinforcement of sexism through memes
  • Mapping gender-based violence through gender trolling
  • Introspecting the gaps between cyber crimes against women and other vulnerable groups
  • Efficacy of existing legal-institutional frameworks
  • Trolling and Gender Bullying
  • Challenges in online women security
  • International and National approaches in regulating cyber-crimes against the queer community
  • LGBT phobic cyber bullying
  • Dark Web and Human Trafficking

Submission Guidelines:-

Contributors please carefully note and follow the guidelines below as you write. Any chapter not meeting these guidelines will be returned to the author(s) for correction, which may cause significant delays in the publication process.

  • chapter must not exceed 4000 words excluding footnotes
  • abstract should not more than 250 words
  • abstract of the chapters must be containing the following things
    • elaborated topic
    • methodology
    • objective of the proposed paper
  • papers must not be published elsewhere, paper must be unpublished and original
  • chapters must be submitted in the times new roman font with point 12 size and 1.5 line spacing, the margin size would be 1.5 on left side and 1 from all the other sides
  • chapters can be in the form of articles Article’ refers to a comprehensive and thorough analysis of issues related to the theme
  • Co-authorship is permitted up to a maximum of two authors
  • footnotes must follow the bluebook 20th edition of citation
  • The Papers shall go through strict plagiarism check and the plagiarism shall not be more than the permitted limit of 20 per cent.
  • last date for the submission of the abstracts is 28th february, 2020
  • all the submissions should be made at islrpublications[at]gmail[dot]com 
  • All chapters shall be accepted based on double-blind peer review editorial process. All the accepted chapters will be published in an edited E-Book.

Publication Fees:-

Single Author 700 INR.
Co-Author 1,000 INR.

Important Dates:-

Paper Submission February28, 2020
Contributions reviewed returned to authors 30 March, 2020
Revised contributions submission 15 April, 2020

Contact Details:

Mr Harsh Gupta: +91-8194940110
Ms Aaliya Akhtar: +91-7396901935



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