7 Days Faculty Development Programme @ Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai.

7 Days Faculty Development Programme Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai.


Maharashtra National Law University is going to organize the One Week Faculty development program on 14th January 2020 (Tuesday) – 20th January 2020 (Monday).This Faculty Development Program is designed to get participants acquainted with innovative methods for research in law and research-based teaching. The expert speakers will discuss the intricacies of research and research-based teaching in law while identifying the gaps and suggesting reforms.


  1. Introduction to Research in Law – Conventional and Non- Conventional.
  2. Types and components of Legal Research – Literature Review, identification of research gaps, the setting of objectives and hypothesis, etc.
  3. Writing a research paper, books, etc. Collection, use, tools, and analysis of data.
  4. Inter-Disciplinary and Multi-Disciplinary Research. Methods of Teaching and Research.
  5. Jurimetrics / Quantitative Methods in Research.
  6. Writing research proposals, research projects, reports and approaching funding agencies.
  7. Empirical Research. Judgment analysis, book review, etc.
  8. Research ethics.

Eligibility: Professionals, Scholars, Faculty Members from any stream of knowledge.

Registration Fees:

  • The Registration fees shall be Rs. 4000/- which shall include the accommodation reading material, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Rs. 2500/– without accommodation.
  • Only 40 participations are allowed.
  • Reporting time at the registration desk on 14th January 2020 is 10:00 am

Contact Info:

  • Prof. (Dr.) Anil G. Variath: +91 9869011210
  • Dr. Kiran Rai: hodug@mnlumumbai.edu.in
  • Dr. Anand Raut: anand@mnlumumbai.edu.in
  • EMAIL ID: MNLUMreach@gmail.com

For Information Courtesy: Click Here

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