5 Days Refresher Course & Training Program on Health Care Laws and Patient Rights @ Cochin University

DATE OF THE PROGRAM : 28th Feb-  3rd March, 2020

DATE OF THE SUBMISSION : 15th February, 2020

VENUE FOR THE PROGRAM : School Of Legal Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kalamassery, Kochi – 682 022


The Course is intended to keep the participants updated about various facets of health care laws and patient rights and how change in technologies impact the rights.


Research papers are invited from intended participants on the broad topics given below.

an abstract must not exceed the word limit of 350 words

an acceptance of the abstracts must be mailed to the participants after that the participants are requested to send the full length paper in the prescribed time and in the prescribed time.


· Constitutional ambit of right to health
·         Doctor – patient relationship ·         New Technologies and Doctor – patient relationship
·         Rights of patients
·         Political Economy of Health
·         R&D in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
·         IP & Access to medical products
·         Clinical Trials and Regulations
·         Regulation on professionals and institutions providing health care ·         Vulnerability of Patients in Health Care System


The workshop is open for academicians, researchers and students of law, medicine and para-medical streams.


registration fees for the programme is rs 1000/-


·         Last Date of Sending Abstracts               : 15th February 2020

·         Intimation of Selection of Abstracts        : 17th February 2020

·         Completion of Fee Remittance And

Registration Process  : 20th February, 2020

·         Programme Dates                                    : 28th Feb to 3rd March, 2020

(Classes from 9:30 am to 4: 30 pm)

 The filled up registration form, attached herewith, along with the fee remittance details must be mailed to the emailed id mentioned herein by 20th February, 2020 5:00 PM.



Smt. Arathi Ashok (Ph. No.: 9847982918)

Sri. P. C. Harigovind (Ph. No.: 9446633249)

FOR FULL DETAILS KINDLY VISIT : https://www.lawof.in/5-days-refresher-course-cochin-university/

FOR OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION : https://www.cusat.ac.in/view_news.php?id=2625

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