Date: 22.03.2020

Duration: 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Venue: Clarity Learning Center, Lajpat Nagar-II, New Delhi Maximum Seats: 40 (First come First serve)

The legal profession is assuming a multidimensional proportion in the backdrop of globalization. The advancement in science, technology and information management created online culture and escalation in cyber crimes and consequently the job opportunities and employability of legal professionals has increased proportionately at global level. In this context the Career Guidance workshop plays a crucial role in guiding the students to various opportunities suitable to their competency, economic resources and personal options.

The focus of this workshop is to expose students to the job market and the new and exciting upcoming legal careers they can pursue. It will assist them in identifying career options after graduation and the appropriate higher education routes to each. This will enable them to map out their career plans, determine the higher educational courses they should consider, and to develop the necessary job skills that employers will look for. This workshop will also have a special session on how to crack long term and short term scholarship abroad.


• How to build your resume

• How to write abstract and research paper

• How to find internship and write a good cover letter for internship

• How to find scholarship abroad

• How to write Statement of purpose for scholarship

• How to write letter of recommendation

• How to find Free course abroad

• How to get fully funded Summer school abroad

• Information about best diploma and post graduate diploma

courses for students

• How to crack CLAT exam, LSAT exam etc

• How to prepare for judiciary


Before 10th Match 2020: Rs. 800 per person After 10th Match 2020 : Rs. 1200 per person

Mode of Payment

Paytm: 7782044252

(Kindly mention your name in the reason for payment column.

After payment of registration fee kindly send screenshot/ picture of the receipt of the transaction on this mail id: knowledgesteezconference@gmail.com



Email: knowledgesteezconference@gmail.com

Mob: +91-7782044252

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