National Seminar on ‘Exploring Contours of India’s Foreign Policy in the Era of Globalisation 4.0’ at Amity Institute of International Studies, Amity University, Noida-125

Foreign Policy of any nation follows the guiding principle of change and continuity to sustain its existence in the anarchic world system. A better world in terms of development, peace and order corresponds whereas to the ‘continuity’ part of a foreign policy, the portions of timely malleability in its orientation to meet the current asking of global politics denotes the ‘change’ part.

Coined by World Economic Forum-2019 at Davos, Globalisation 4.0 characterises the sifting changes in globalised structures of Economics and Politics. It is felt that the processes of Globalisation 4.0 are already begun but the stakeholders of the world system are largely unprepared for it. The trinity of IoT, Robotics and AI along with other influential innovations are playing the paradigmatic roles to issues of economy, social inequalities and political tensions not only at the local level but also at the global level. These robust changes are building unfettered pressure to the citizens of nations and on their leaders unequivocally to satisfy the aspirations of the time. The execution of foreign policy objectives provides a suitable conduit to respond this unrestrained pressure and strengthens the process in which state sustains.

Various challenges to the security and strategic complex of India are evident at local, regional and global level. Most of the challenges cannot be dealt singlehandedly. Highlighted roles of India as an important country at all the three levels demand a very robust yet flexible policy orientation from the south block. This is a truism that from the underpinning of Non-alignment, India has come on the stage of de-hyphenated role and has been trying hard to satisfy national interests in even conflicting corridors of world politics. In the world of complex interdependence, this is a high time that people of myriad expertise and of foreign policy domain would gather, share and trade their ideas on India’s foreign policy in the era of Globalisation 4.0. to further the contemplation of its challenges and prospects.

The participants are requested to submit their papers in accordance to the theme “Exploring Contours of India’s Foreign Policy in the Era of Globalisation 4.0” on the topics given below: –

1. India’s Relations with its Neighbouring Countries.
2. India’s Foreign Policy in a Contemporary World Politics.
3. India in Indo-Pacific Region and QUAD.
4. IOR and India’s counter to Chinese aggression.
5. Act East Policy of India and ASEAN.
6. India’s De-hyphenated Policy in the West Asia and IRAN Crisis.
7. Exploring Energy Prospects in Central Asia and India
8. India and EU after Brexit
9. India’s preparedness in Cyberspace: Cyber Security, IoT, Robotics, AI and 5G.
10. India’s Defence and Strategic Scenario: Challenges and Prospects
11. India in International Political Economy and Globalisation 4.0
12. India and International Organisations

Registration Fee

Academician and Research Scholars:1000/-

Academician and Research Scholars (Amity University) :800/-

👉Last date for the submission of full paper is 10/02/2020. Selected paper would be published in a edited volume by a reputed publisher with updated incorparation.

Venue : L-3 Auditorium, Amity University, Noida-125
Date : 12th, 13th and 14th March 2020
Time : 9.00 to 5.30 pm.

(Last date to send Abstract is 04/03/2020, kindly send the abstract to .

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