Call for Papers: National Seminar on “Dimensions of Public Interest Litigation” ( 11.04.2020, MNLU Aurangabad)

Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad is delighted to invite you toits National Seminar on “Changing Dimensions of Public interest Litigation” tobe held on 11th April 2020.

The concept of Public Interest Litigation was introduced with the principal object of achieving social justice in our country. But over the years this has simply become a publicity tool. Public interest litigation is an innovative judicial procedure for enhancing the social and economic rights of disadvantaged and marginalized groups in India. It is a legal action which is taken in a court of law for legal right of the community. The world ‘public’ means public at large, including all classes and sections of society without any distinction of gender, social status, economic background, ethnic origin, religious credence or cultural orientation.

The National Seminar on “Changing Dimensions of Public interest Litigation”will have technical and detailed deliberations on the legal implications of thelatest ruling of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Several new facets and themeswill be explored in the form of research papers to be presented by the participants. National Seminar will also witness presentations and deliberations by the Experts and Jurists on the subject.

Two types of events will be there:

  1. PIL Drafting Competition
    2. Paper presentation on Changing dimensions of PIL

The Seminar is a first of its kind where not only the students will present their views on this issue but also participate in PIL Drafting Competition. The Seminar aims at:

  • Identifying and critically analysing PILs in the recent years, in order to examine the practice of PIL adjudication.
  • Mapping the trajectory of Public Interest Litigation in India, especially with respect to selection of issues and the evolution of the PIL in practice.


Important Dates

Last Date for PIL Submission-April 7th,2020
Last Date for ABSTRACT submission – March 25th, 2020
Last date for REGISTRATION and PAYMENT – March 31st, 2020

Last date for FULL PAPER submission – April 5th, 2020
Date of NATIONAL SEMINAR – April 11th, 2020



Brochure PIL Seminar

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