Online Course on Consumer Law

  • Course by: Consumer Assisto

    About consumer assisto: ‘Consumer Assistio’ as the name suggest assisting the consumers in every possible approach. The ideology behind this project is to provide legal assistance to consumers and build content of all the legislations and case laws which shall be accessed by everyone. To create awareness midst general public.

    The project aims to help people and also provide pro-bono services. With the help of this project we will try to reach out general public who need legal assistance and create awareness and reduce exploitation of consumers.

    Course Structure

    1. Introduction to Consumer Protection Law and policies
    2. Legislative framework on Consumer Protection in India
    3. Consumer Law: Practice and Procedure
    4. Consumer Complaints & Appeal
    5. Landmark judgments
    6. Consumer Protection: Way forward


    Important Dates:

    Last date for Registration: 20th May 2020

    Commencement of course: 22nd May 2020

    Course duration: 1 month


    Registration Procedure 

    The following are the categories available for registration:-

    1. Online Learning Course:All the modules, study materials etc. will be available to all the participants for free of cost to enable them to learn about consumer law.
    2. Verified & Approved Certificate Course:This category is for all the participants who are willing receive an instructor signed and approved certificate. The registration fee for the same is Rs. 500. The participants are requested to pay the registration amount on Paytm Number: 8360870921.

    To register Click Here

  • Contact Information: Mr. Harshavardhan Pujari (Ph. 9912159733)

    Email Id:


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