University of Western Ontario Scholarship 2021 for international Students

Western Ontario University Scholarship Requirements and Terms:

  • ou must meet the admission conditions as specified in your offer package.
  • You must be applying for admission directly from secondary school to be eligible for an Admission Scholarship. Generally, students who have attended a post-secondary institution, or students who attended a post-secondary institution and then returned to secondary school, are not eligible. Please direct any questions regarding scholarship eligibility for your specific situation to 519-661-2100
  • Generally home-schooled applicants are not eligible for consideration for admission scholarships.
  • You must be registered for full-time studies (minimum 3.5 courses) at main campus to be eligible. If you enrol in a part-time course load, reduce your enrolment to part-time or withdraw from the academic year, you will not be eligible to keep your admission scholarship.
  • The final admission average calculation for 101 applicants includes prerequisite courses for the student’s selected program.
  • Admission averages are NOT rounded to the nearest whole percentage for admission scholarship consideration.
  • Western will determine averages for applicants who are not studying in a Canadian secondary school curriculum based on curriculum, grading practices, and grading scale interpretation.
  • If you do not pursue a study abroad experience, the study abroad portion of the scholarship funding is forfeited.
  • Admission Scholarships cannot be deferred.
  • Students taking secondary school courses during the summer prior to attending Western, that may affect their scholarship eligibility, must ensure that their final summer school grades are received by the Admissions office by August 31st, prior to the beginning of their first year at Western. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that their high school has submitted all final grades to the Admissions office. Changes and appeals related to admission scholarship eligibility will not be considered after August 31st.
  • Students eligible for a Western Scholarship of Distinction or a Western Admission Scholarship will be sent notification to their email account in late August.
  • Admission scholarships are not confirmed until after the first installment of fees are due, therefore admission scholarships cannot be deducted from the first installment of fees (see note for exception for OSAP recipients)*. Once the scholarship is confirmed, it will be applied directly to the fee account before the end of September, and can be used toward the second installment of fees. If the application of the scholarship results in a credit on the fee account, a refund will be issued to the student in early-mid November via cheque or direct deposit to their bank account (if the student has enrolled in this option). Students should enrol in direct deposit through their Student Center account. Once logged in they should click on “Enrol in Direct Deposit” in the Finances section and input their banking information.

 Deadline-May 15, 2020

Opening Date-February 1, 2020

Days Remaining-9 Days




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