Online Certificate Course on ADR


The online course on ADR aims to enable students to gain better understanding one of the upcoming areas of law and the procedure which is involved in invoking such mechanisms. It would cover the introduction to the basic concept, its history, understanding of the various aspects imperative to the law and procedure and legislations to be used for invoking these mechanisms. It would also make prospective students through various global developments and trends that are changing the landscape of this law globally as well as in India.



The course would be taught online

CONDUCTED BY: Deadly Law & Knowledge Steez



Module 1: Introduction to ADR and its history

Module 2: ADR in Indian regime

Module 3: ADR in International Perspective

Module 4: Introduction to Statutes

Module 5: Conduct of Arbitral Proceeding

Module 6: Arbitration – Agreement, Award


Module 7: Other forms of ADR

Module 8: Drafting


Examination Scheme:

After the end of each module an assessment form would be given which would be optional but beneficial for your best learning outcome. Apart from that there would be 2 mandatory assignments and one final examination which would be mandatory for getting the certificate of completion.

Component of Evaluation


Assignment 1


Assignment 2


Final Examination


Weightage (%)





Registration Fee: Rs. 900/-


Mode of Registration:

Paytm & Google Pay: +91-7782044252

After payment of the registration fee,  Click Here   to fill the registration form.


Important Dates:

Last date of Registration: 15th June 2020

Course Commences on: 18th June 2020

Course Duration: 2 months



MEGHA SHAWANI(PH. 9643415438) (Course Coordinator) 



Author: Knowledge Steez

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