UGC Care Journal List

Sr.No. Journal Title Publisher ISSN E-ISSN
1 AIPLA Quarterly Journal American Intellectual Property Law Association 0883-6078 NA
2 Annual Survey of Indian Law Indian Law Institute 0570-2666 NA
3 Appeal: Review of Current Law and Law Reform Appeal Publishing Society 1205-612X 1925-4938
4 Army Institute of Law Journal Army Institute of Law 0975-8208 NA
5 Australian Intellectual Property Journal Lawbook Co. 1038-1635 NA
6 Australian Journal of Administrative Law Lawbook Co. 1320-7105 NA
7 Australian Journal of Labour Law LexisNexis Butterworths 1030-7222 NA
8 Berkeley Journal of International Law School of Law, University of California 1085-5718 NA
9 Boston College Law Review School of Law, Boston College 0161-6587 NA
10 Brawijaya Law Journal Brawijaya University 2356-4512 2503-0841
11 Brooklyn Law Review Brooklyn Law School 0007-2362 NA
12 California Western International Law Journal California Western School of Law 0886-3210 NA
13 California Western Law Review California Western School of Law 0008-1639 NA
14 Canberra Law Review University of Canberra 1320-6702 1839-2660
15 Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University 0736-7694 NA
16 City University of New York Law Review City University of New York School of Law 2572-7788 NA
17 Company Law Journal Company Law Journal India Private Limited 0010-4019 NA
18 Comparative Constitutional Law and Administrative Law National Law University NA 2347-4351
19 Criminal Law Journal Lawbook Co. 0314-1160 NA
20 George Mason Law Review Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University 1088-5625 NA
21 George Washington International Law Review George Washington University 1534-9977 0748-4305
22 German Law Journal Cambridge University Press NA 2071-8322
23 GNLU Journal of Law, Development and Politics Gujarat National Law University 0975-0193 NA
24 Harvard Human Rights Journal Harvard Law School, Harvard University 1943-5088 NA
25 Harvard Journal of Law and Technology Harvard Law School, Harvard University 0897-3393 NA
26 Hasanuddin Law Review Faculty of Law, Hasanuddin University 2442-9880 2442-9899
27 Idaho Law Review College of Law, University of Idaho 0019-1205 NA
28 ILI Law Review Indian Law Institute NA 0976-1489
29 Indian Journal of Law and Justice Department of Law, University of North Bengal Darjeeling 0976-3570 NA
30 Indian Journal of Law and Technology National Law School of India University 0973-0362 NA
31 Intellectual Property Forum Intellectual Property Forum 0815-2098 NA
32 Intellectual Property Journal Carswell 0824-7064 NA
33 International Annals of Criminology Cambridge University Press 0003-4452 2398-676X
34 International Journal of Legal Studies and Research School of Technology, Law and Development, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences NA 2278-4764
35 Journal of the Indian Law Institute Indian Law Institute 0019-5731 NA
36 Journal on Environmental Law, Policy and Development Centre for Environmental Law Education, Research and Advocacy NA 2348-7046
37 Jurisprudence: An International Journal of Legal and Political Thought Taylor and Francis 2040-3313 2040-3321
38 Legal Information Management Cambridge University Press 1472-6696 1741-2021
39 Lewis and Clark Law Review Northwestern School of Law 1557-6582 NA
40 National Law School Journal National Law School of India University 0971-491X NA
41 NIU International Journal of Human Rights Noida International University 2394-0298 NA
42 NLUJ Law Review National Law University 2326-5320 NA
43 Rostrum’s Law Review Rostrum Legal NA 2321-3787
44 Supreme Court Journal ALT Publications NA NA
45 Temida Victimology Society of Serbia 1450-6637 2406-0941
46 The Canadian Bar Review Canadian Bar Association 0008-3003 NA
47 The Journal of Comparative Law Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing 1477-0814 NA
48 The Judges’ Journal American Bar Association 0047-2972 NA
49 Uniform Law Review Oxford University Press 1124-3694 2050-9065
50 Vermont Law Review Vermont Law School 0145-2908 NA
51 Virginia Journal of International Law School of Law, University of Virginia 0042-6571 NA
52 Washington and Lee Law Review Washington and Lee University 0043-0463 NA
53 William and Mary Law Review William and Mary Law School 0043-5589 2374-8524
54 Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender and Society University of Wisconsin Law School 1052-3421 NA
55 Yale Journal of Law and Feminism Yale Law School 1043-9366 NA
56 Yale Law and Policy Review Yale Law School 0740-8048 NA

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