Call for Papers @ Chanakya National Law University and Magadh Mahila College, Patna

DATE : June 7, 2020 | 9:30 am to 5:00 pm


In the State State of Bihar, where the seeds of the earliest republic were sown and the crop of democracy cultivated, a need was felt by the government for a university which would provide quality legal education and strive to raise national legal standards to competitive international level and promote legal awareness in the community,which will lead to the realization of goals embodied in the Constitution of India.Thus, on August 15th, 2006 came into being Chanakya National Law University, Patna

Magadh Mahila college, is a pioneer institution of education for young women in Bihar; established in 1946. The college is centrally located in the heart of the capital city of Patna, Bihar.


“Post – Pandemic Corporate Management”

  • Changing business dynamics : A legal study
  • HR Challenges of layoff
  • Marketing in Price sensitive enviroment
  • Investmemt and Finance during slowdiwn
  • Challenges to IPR
  • CSR and Pandemic
  • Challenges to Labour Laws
  • Cyber Crime


  • The submission is open to all the students, research scholar , teachers and professions around the world.
  • Co-authorship shall be permitted. There will be maximum 2 authors allowed
  • However, all authors must register separately as participant of the webinar.


  1. The work should be original and must not be previously published or must not be in the stage of submission/ consideration anywhere else.
  2. An abstract should be written explaining the aims and motives of the paper. word limit : 300 words. Note – keywords should be mentioned in the abstract.
  3. submission should be made in doc. / docx format
  4. Each submission must be accompanied with a short description about the author.
  1. The word limit, excluding footnotes, endnotes, references,and bibliography can range between 3000 -5000 words .
  2. Main Text – Times New Roman, font size 12, double spacing, justified, with a margin of an inch on all sides.
  3. Footnotes – times new roman, font size 10 . substantive footnotes are accepted.
  4. citation mode – Harvard Bluebook (19th edition)
  5. Submission should be made in doc. / docx format
  6. Bibliography or reference list are necessary.
  1. The Editorial board will follow the anonymous peer-Review policy for judging the submission .
  2. The Editorial board reserves the right to reject to reject or edit any paper whose content is offensive or defamatory ,explicitly unethical or if it supports racism , sexual or religious discrimination , illegal activities or terrorism ;similarly an article may be refused if the Editorial board deems that it might harm the political or religious sentiments of interested readers in any manner .
  3. The Editorial board reserves the right to disqualify the paper on account of plagiarism .
  4. The research paper should not infringe the copyright or any other right of a third party. if so, the webinar organizing committee disclaims any responsibility for copyright violation or any other liability
  5. The editorial board reserves the right to vary ,repeal , alter any of the rules . if as required , as they deem appropriate .
  6. A Soft copy of the abstract must be sent on or before 31st May 2020 at
  7. Soft copy of the full paper must be sent on or before 5th June 2020 at


  1. Registration for the webinar 2020 is mandatory for participation in this competition .
  2. Types of research papers: literature Review ,Exploratory / original Research ,case Study ,Descriptive ,Commentary or a mix of various types .
  3. Our Editorial Board will provide detailed comments to author [s] in case their paper needs revision and improvement .
  4. A Certificate of publication will be issued to the contributor [s] whose research paper[s] is / are selected for publication in the book.
  5. A certificate of participation will be issued to all the participate of the webinar .
  6. A certificate of the publication will be issued to the author [s] of the papers selected for the publication.
  7. Language of the full paper to be submitted should be English .


  1. Last date for registration : 31st May 2020
  2. Last date for abstract submission : 31st May 2020
  3. Last date of full paper submission : 05th June 2020

NOTE : Registration is must to participate in the Webinar and Paper presentation


The paper can be presented through Power point Presentation. It must not contain more than 15 slides.



  • Navneet Govindam (+ 91 8210114116 )
  • Deepali Sinha ( + 91 8285467084 )

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