INTERNATIONAL ONLINE CONFERENCEContemporary legal ChallangesDuring Covid-19

20th – 21st June,2020


The following are the sub-themes.

  1. Challenges in field of litigation .
  2. Challenges in the field of arbitration .
  3. Legal issues for the various type of industries.
  4. Impact of covid -19 on access to justice.
  5. Impact on human rights and rule of law.
  6. Medical law and covid-19.
  7. Impact of covid -19 on education.
  8. Legal implications of a PHIEC
    ( public health emergency of international concern) by WHO.
  9. Legal issues between employees and employers.
  10. The Impact and Role of Mass Media during the Pandemic.
  11. Strengthen Family Bonds Versus Domestic Conflict and Violence.
  12. Fake news and Covid-19.
  13. Prisons – Parole – Pandemic.
  14. Issues of migrants during the pandemic.

Registration & Participation:
•Registration is mandatory to participate and present papers in the webinar.
•However,there is no registration fee for the same.
•All paper Presenters will be issued with an e-certificate.
•Only registered participants who participate in all the sessions will be given with a participation certificate. For Participation: Register here

Guidelines for Paper Submission:
•Paper must not exceed 4000-5000 words.
• Paper and the oral submissions must be prepared and presented in English only.
• The body of the paper must be 1.5 line-spaced, with one inch margin on both sides and in font size 12 (Times New Roman)
• The text of footnotes may be single line spaced. The font size of the footnotes must be 2 points less than the text font.
•Co-Authorship of two persons is allowed.
•Paper should be submitted through email to:


Important Dates:
•Last date for Paper Submission: 16/06/2020
• Date of the Conference: 20/06/2020 -21/06/2020

For Further Details:
•Patron in Chief : S. Nirmal Singh Rayat
•Patron : Dr. Sandeep Kaura
•Principal : Dr. Monika sharma
•Faculty Convenor : Dr. Charu Dureja (Asst. Professor of Law)

•Student convenor : Nitish Rajoria (9646586172)
•Student Convenor: Aryan Dhawan (7888509313)

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