1st Model Trial Virtual Court Competition, 2020 {Kourtology in Collaboration with Whitespan Advisory} (3rd – 5th August)

About Kourtology: “Kourtology” which refers to “the study of courts” aims at providing budding lawyers with a platform to learn the practical insights to working of a court.

Model Trial Court Competition: With the help of “Model Trial Virtual Court Competition” Kourtology brings a new method for law students to get an in-depth knowledge on how the courts proceedings transpire. It aims to provide law students with the opportunity to draft pleadings similar to what is filed in actual courts. Similarly, it gives an opportunity to students to present their cases as they are presented before a court. Given the situation during the on-going pandemic, the functioning of the courts had a paradigm shift, introducing the concepts of E-courts, which is another prospect that Model Trial Virtual Court Competition desires to fulfill.

Objective: The aim is to bring forward the idea of practical learning while creating an environment of professionalism and maintaining the court etiquettes. In short, the aim is to unleash the lawyer within you.

Eligibility Criteria:              

  1. All students pursuing a 3 year or a 5 year LLB course or an LLM course from a recognized law school, university or institution in India shall be eligible to participate.
  2. Each participating team shall have a maximum of two (2) members and both shall be eligible to be speakers / researchers etc.

Date of the competition: 3rd to 5th August 2020

Registration Fee: INR 100 per participant

Technical Requirements: High Speed Net Connection. 

Enrollment Process: Paytm the registration fee and then fill out the Google form (link below) and attach the screenshot of the payment.

Google form link: https://forms.gle/D7XcCsC8FRcRouRNA

Paytm number: 8860068888

Official Schedule 

Event  Date
Commencement of Online Registration 29th June, 2020
Release of Problem 3rd July 2020
Last date of registration & submission of petition 20th July 2020
OC to send copy of petition to participants for preparation of reply 21st July 2020
Last date for seeking clarification 24th July 2020
Last date of submission for reply to petition 26th July 2020
Shortlisting of teams 1st August 2020
Preliminary round for oral hearing 3rd August 2020
Quarter Final & Semi-Final rounds for oral hearings 4th August 2020
Final round for oral hearings & Valedictory ceremony 5th August 2020

 For more details contact us at:

Email:  kourtology@gmail.com

Phone number:+91-8360870921

Website: https://kourtology.wordpress.com/



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