International Seminar on Sexual Offences Against Women on 10th April 2021


IPEM has completed 25 years of its existence. The IPEM Law Academy, Ghaziabad is organizing an International Seminar on “Sexual Offences Against Women (ISSOAW 2021) on 10th APRIL, 2021 (Saturday) to celebrate the Silver Jubilee Celebration of IPEM Group of Institutions. We, at IPEM Law Academy, believe in promoting learning and enriching the academic pursuits of our Students. Keeping this in mind, we invite distinguished academicians at regular intervals to share their insights through Workshops/Seminars/Faculty Development Programs/Guest Lectures etc from time to time. 

Sexual offences are universal phenomena, which take place in every society. Sexual offences aptly take the form of sexual violence, which sometimes cause severe and irreparable damage to the physical and mental health of the victims. The main aim of this Seminar is to understand the phenomenon of Sexual offences in terms of forces operative in the process of their perpetration, their magnitude and prevalence, and their prevention and control measures. Sexual Offences are such problems that women all over the world, especially in India, grapple with everyday. Often, many women are unaware of the laws and regulations that give them protection against such acts. Here are some of the legal discussion dealing with sexual offences against women that all women must know about. 

In this Seminar, Papers have been invited to Review the Sexual Offences Against Women so as to Analyses the causes of sexual Offences prevailing in the society.


Research Papers are invited in Hindi/English on the Theme and following Sub-themes:- 

  • Eve Teasing-Sexual assault or sexual harassment of women either verbally or by making any type of vulgar gestures,  eve-teasing etc.
  • Rape- unlawful  sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person’s will or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception.

  • Stalking- illegally following and watching someone over a period of time. 

  • Abduction- who so ever forcefully compels or by any deceitful means induces any person to move from one place to another, is said to have committed the crime of abduction.

  • Kidnapping- taking away a person against his/her will by force, threat or deceit.

  • Molestation- to touch or attack someone in a sexual way against their wishes.

  • Acid Attack 

If a person has thrown acid on, or administered acid to, another person it shall be presumed that such an act has been done with the intention of causing, or with the knowledge that such an act is likely to cause such hurt or injury.  

  • Trafficking of Women and Girls for Commercial Sexual Purposes- is a burgeoning form of organized crime. In recent years, this has become the flip side of globalisation.
  • Sexual Harassment in Work Places-includes such unwelcome sexually determined behaviour as physical contact, a demand or request for sexual favours, sexually coloured remarks, showing pornography and any other unwelcome physical, verbal or nonverbal conduct of a sexual nature e.g. leering, dirty jokes, sexual remarks about a person’s body, etc.  

The list is not exhaustive; other issues relevant with the main Theme may also be selected. 


Abstract: Abstract should be upto 300 words including Key Words and contain the following details:- 

  • Sub-Theme  
  • Title of the Paper. 
  • Name of the Author (s) 
  • Designation  
  • University/Institution/Organization 
  • Contact Number 
  • Email Address 

    Full Paper:  
  • The Full Paper should be between 3000 to 5000 words (including Footnotes). 
  • The text English in Times New Roman with Font Size 12 and Line Spacing 1.5 
  • The main Hindi Text should be in Krutidev 010 with Font Size 16. 
  • All references must be in the form of footnotes in Times New Roman with Font Size 10. 
  • Only two Authors are allowed for Co-Authorship. 
  • Registration will be separate for each co-author. 
  • Entries must be Original and unpublished in any form. 
  • Any sort of Plagiarism will disqualify the entries. 


All Abstract and Full Papers are required to be submitted electronically through e-mail attachment in MS Word format to email at:, i.e. Abstracts by 15th December 2020 & Full Papers by 20th February 2021 as per the format given. You are requested to kindly circulate this information about the Seminar and motivate your Academicians/Legal Officers/Students and all concerned to submit their Abstracts and Full Papers as well Participate in the Seminar on 10th APRIL, 2021 (Saturday)


Registration forms along with a DD of USD 20 (International Speaker) Rs. 500/- (Academicians/ Faculty/Advocates/Other Professional) or 300/- (Research Scholars/Students) and NEFT as per details mentioned in the brochure may be sent latest by 28th February, 2021.  


For any clarification, the Coordinator Dr. Meenakshi Tomar (9958170581), Ms. Neha Garg (9818480120) & Ms. Sonam Singh (8077751574) could be contacted. 

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