About IRHG

Effective research begins with locating valid information. Researching and gathering data is the first challenge faced by all of us while writing their research papers.
International research help group is a platform to bring together researchers from all over the globe. Our aim behind creating research help group is to create an environment for researchers for healthy discussions on their topic with other researchers and some experts from our team .Writing research paper is not an easy task and all of us face many challenges while writing a research paper from chapterisation of our paper to collecting the data and many more. This is a research help group where researchers can discuss their problems with each others as well as with our expert team.



– Share research
Struck on a topic. There will be many researchers from varid backgrounds and with different interests who may have mastered on your topic. They can help you by providing you with material on your topic or they can provide you their work for you to refer .

– Discuss any research related problem
You are free to discuss any problem faced while researching with other researchers

– Expert advice
In case you do not find a very effective solution through discussions then you are always free to consult our experts. There will be a team of experts to guide you.

– Telephonic advice
You can also call us to take advice regarding your research .



Nishit Shah (Research Head and In-charge, IRHG)

Shivam Ninan (Research Associate)

Maitreya Saha (Research Associate)

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