National virtual debate competition (17-18 October, 2020)


Virtual School for Personality Development and Professional Skills (hereinafter referred as the organizer) presents an amazing opportunity for school & colleges students to exhibit their Art of Speaking and win up to Rs. 2500/- . By participating in the Debate Competition one can increase their confidence, self-esteem, can develop excellent oral as well as written communication skills and also develops effective tools for research, organization and presentation.

Agreement to Official Rules:

Participation in the Debate Competition constitutes of participants full and unconditional agreement to and acceptances of these Official Rules and Decisions of the Organizer, which are final and binding. Wining a Prize is contingent upon being compliant with these Official Rules and Fulfilling all other requirements set forth herein.
The Debate Competition is open to all the school and college students through regardless of their fields of study.

Details and Requirements of the Competition:

Participants are asked to prepare their debates one for the motion and one against the motion of the following proclamation “Hatred to Men: A Myth or A real threat of Feminism
For and Against the Motion sides will be decided by the committee and communicated via mail once the registration is complete along with the allocation of Participant Code. Each team should be ready with 2 arguing speeches and a round of question from the judges .

Procedure for Registration:

The registration fees for the participating in the contest is Rs. 100/-.

This competition is being conducted for the benefit of the students to enhances their personality, confidence and research skills. The registration fee shall not be refunded under any given circumstances.

Registration Link:

To register for the competition, the participants must fill in the registration form.

To Register, Click Here

Upon registration, the participants will have to join the whatsApp or Telegram group via link which will be displayed immediately after the registration. All the important details will be shared in whatsApp and telegram groups only
The Last date for registration is 15th October, 2020 (timing will be announced the day before the competition)

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Contact Details:

Phone No: +91 9305024341