International Certificate Course on European Union and Sport

About the Course: Sport is a global phenomenon and Sports Law is a developing discipline in many parts of the world, not least in the European Union (EU), which comprises 28 Member States with a population of 508 million. Apart from the importance – at all levels – of sport in the EU, from a health and social point of view, sport is also big business, worth 3.7% of the combined GNP of the Member States. In fact, where sport involves an economic activity, EU Law in general, including the internal single market rules and especially the freedom of movement of employees’ provisions, and EU Competition Law in particular, including restrictive agreements and abuse of dominant positions and their ‘extra-territorial’ effects.

Aim: As many major sporting events take place in Europe, the aim of this Course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to EU Sports Law and Practice for students and practitioners, who would like to know more about this important and evolving subject. The course will be interactive in style.
Duration: The course will be delivered in English through 13 hours of intensive lectures over a period of three days (4 – 4:30 hours per day).

Cost of the course: All participants: 2000/- INR (Excluding lodging and boarding)

Who should apply?

We cordially invite all the law students and professionals passionate about sports and find the field of sports law interesting enough to make a career out of it. Sports enthusiasts from all the fields are most welcome. Deadline : January 25, 2016

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