NATIONAL SEMINAR ON ‘Medical Negligence: Issues and Responses’

The object of this seminar is to identify and deliberate on:
1. The challenges and legal issues involved in medical negligence cases and potential solutions;
2. Processes and procedures to balance the interest of patients and doctors
The seminar would focus on a range of subjects related to Medical negligence
1. Theme 1
Medical Negligence cases in India – Adequacy of law, legal issues involved, response of judiciary and possible solutions
2. Theme 2
Role of media – whether it helps in bringing out medical negligence cases and create awareness among people or evokes undue fear among people by creating unnecessary hype
3. Theme 3
Reasons for increase in medical negligence cases and possible solutions

4. Theme 4
Need for safeguards for Medical professionals from frivolous medical negligence proceedings
Research papers are invited from scholars, researchers, practitioners, academicians and students on issues related to above themes. Author of selected papers would be given an opportunity to present their paper on the day of seminar.


1. Submissions are to be made in electronic form only and are to be sent to with subject line “MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE SEMINAR”.
Note:a) The Paper should be given the file name as Name of the Author alongwith theme of the paper.
For e.g, Author’s Name: Diksha Jain and the paper is under Theme 1Then the file should be saved as: Theme 1 Diksha Jain
Both abstract and full paper has to be sent in the above manner.
b) Paper should have three parts saved as one file and sent as one document.
Part I – Details of the author(s), institution, address, e-mail id & mobilenumber.
Part II – Abstract of 200 words
Part III – Full Paper
c) The word limit for the full paper is 2500 words (inclusive of footnotes).
d) Submission must contain a covering letter indicating name of the author(s), institution, e-mail id & contact number.
e) By submitting a paper, the author is presumed to undertake that the paper is an original work and has not been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere.
f) Papers found plagiarized will be summarily rejected.

g) Co – authorship is allowed (maximum of 2 authors).
h) All submissions must follow preferably the Bluebook system of citation.
i) Submissions must be in Times New Roman with font size 12 and line spacing 1.5
j) Footnotes must be in Times New Roman with font size 10 and line spacing 1.

Deadline of Abstract Submission: 7th November, 2014
Notification of Acceptance: 10th November, 2014
Deadline of Full Paper Submission: 21st November, 2014
Seminar Date: 29th November, 2014
Rs.500 for each participant to be paid in cash on the day of seminar during Registration. All participants who register at the time allotted will be provided with a certificate of participation.
Participants may be provided with free accommodation at the University Hostel on request received on or before 10th of November 2014.

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For further details or queries, please contact us at
or contact: 9999896655 or 9971196636

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