As Doctors and Advocates have Logo to put up on their vehicles Supreme Court should also approve the Logo for Teachers

A teacher’s role involves more than simply standing in front of a classroom and lecturing. In fact, even though a teacher spends the majority of the day in Classroom but eventually their teachings stand with us in each and every turn of our lives. A teacher as profession is considered to be more than profession, teachers are considered as the strongest pillar of the society and society respects them. But they are unable to represent their profession as doctors and advocates. Just like doctors and advocated they don’t have logo which they can put up in their own property like cars bike etc.

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Recently I read a news in social media stating that ‘Supreme court has approved this logo for teachers to put on their vehicles like doctors and advocates’  and this news is trending the social media but the thing is that it’s not confirmed yet weather the news is exhaustive or a rumor cause there no authenticity of the news.

Therefore I need your help to make it confirmed. If you have any authenticity of this news please tell us.

Thank you.

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20 responses to “As Doctors and Advocates have Logo to put up on their vehicles Supreme Court should also approve the Logo for Teachers

  1. Let the news be confirmed. It is essential.
    Teachers need identity and recognition.
    I wish, the Honourable Supreme Court of India approves and the UGC accepts it.

  2. this seems to me flying news because till date their is’t found any authenticated documents which can prove it clear.No announcement has been heard to nutshell it is baseless news.

  3. The Supreme Court does not approve any logos except for its own court. It is surely a fake news.

  4. It’s fake news. Supreme Court doesn’t approve such things, if needed then ministry of Human Resource and transport ministry will act as approving authority.

    Lawyers and doctors have such logos so that in case of accident they may be consulted for legal and medical help.

  5. It is extremely important. Our country is also defining good responsibility for the citizens.

  6. Teachers are the pillar of the nations, teachership is a greatest proffesion. If we justify, all other professions comes after it. But misery is that our system has deprived all the nation & society builders. The logo is very essential. It represent us..infront of the people, it will be the honor for all teachers.
    I agree it.

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